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Tonbridge - Maps and Tithe award schedules

Population 1801 to 1921

Tonbridge Parish in 184?, was enormous at 15,378 acres. Later to be split into four separate
Parishes, Hildenborough to the North, Tonbridge in the middle, then Southbourgh and Tunbridge Wells to the South.

Tonbridge Tithe award schedule comprises of 150 sheets 2 to 151.
    With names of landowners, occupiers and fieldnames with acreages, and tithe

   Part 1 (309KB)  Sheets    2 to    30   Owners: Alexander to Carnell
   Part 2 (345KB)  Sheets   31 to   60   Owners: Corke to Gibbs
   Part 3 (333KB)  Sheets   61 to   90   Owners: Gower to Martin
   Part 4 (374KB)  Sheets   91 to 120   Owners: Martin to South Eastern Railway Company
   Part 5 (266KB)  Sheets 121 to 151   Owners: South Eastern Railway Company to Yeats +


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