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Saltwood   TR1635 Pictures of Kent Historic Buildings, Churches etc 
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01 Church from the South West  2385.jpg (94194 bytes) 02 Graves to the W of Tower  2386.jpg (98232 bytes) 03 Nave + Chancel from the SW  2389.jpg (69998 bytes) 04 Graves to the South of Church  2390.jpg (73687 bytes) 05 Private E.J. BURTON 1917  2393.jpg (133576 bytes)

06 Church from the South  2397.jpg (110075 bytes) 07 Graves to the South  2399.jpg (107340 bytes) 08 Graves to the South  2401.jpg (130240 bytes) 09 Graves to the South East  2403.jpg (105515 bytes) 10 Graves to the South looking West  2405.jpg (104101 bytes)

11 Chancel from the South  2409.jpg (121310 bytes) 12 Spr F.R. HOLMAN 1940  2414.jpg (130777 bytes) 13 H. PITCHFORD 1917 R.N.  2417.jpg (126942 bytes) 14 Pte W.R. HERITAGE 1916  2419.jpg (180438 bytes) 15  Graves to the E + NE of Chancel  2421.jpg (106833 bytes)

16 Chancel from the East  2425.jpg (108940 bytes) 17 Graves to the E + N  2428.jpg (120846 bytes) 18 Church from the North East  2431.jpg (113077 bytes) 19 Graves to the North West  2433.jpg (121624 bytes) 20 Nave + Chancel from the NW  2435.jpg (94120 bytes)

21 WWII War Memorial  2437.jpg (61497 bytes) 22 Map of Saltwood Churchyard.jpg (80873 bytes)

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