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Swingfield  TR2142 Pictures of Kent Historic Buildings, Churches etc 
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01 Church tower from the SE  2197.jpg (92053 bytes) 02 Graves to the South  2195.jpg (133527 bytes) 03 Graves to the South  2199.jpg (89170 bytes) 04 Nave from the SE  2203.jpg (119600 bytes) 05 Chancel from the South  2201.jpg (141840 bytes)

06 Church from the East  2207.jpg (105315 bytes) 07 Graves to the East  2208.jpg (139111 bytes) 08 Graves to the North East  2209.jpg (128724 bytes) 09 Graves to the N of Tower  2211.jpg (132885 bytes) 10 Graves to the N of Nave  2213.jpg (117877 bytes)

11 Graves to the N of Tower  2215.jpg (133091 bytes) 12 Base of Tower from the N  2217.jpg (99864 bytes) 13 Church from the SW  2220.jpg (117832 bytes) 14 Graves to the South  2222.jpg (103745 bytes) 15 John POTT  1712  2223.jpg (132855 bytes)

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