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Whitfield  TR3146 Pictures of Kent Historic Buildings, Churches etc 
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01 From the South West  2542.jpg (121833 bytes) 02 Graves to the West  2546.jpg (140633 bytes) 03 Church from the North West  2557.jpg (125348 bytes) 04 Graves to the South  2561.jpg (121833 bytes) 05 William CROSS 1834  2563.jpg (116058 bytes)

06 Graves to the South and East  2566.jpg (114367 bytes) 07 Graves to the South  2569.jpg (118098 bytes) 08 Church from the South East  2570.jpg (109165 bytes) 09 Church from the East  2576.jpg (138923 bytes) 10 Graves to the East  2578.jpg (141143 bytes)

11 Graves along Southern boundary  2583.jpg (90999 bytes)

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