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Wootton, Kent  TR2246 Pictures of Kent Historic Buildings, Churches etc 
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01 Tower from the South  2144.jpg (104603 bytes) 02 Graves to the South of Tower  2147.jpg (98043 bytes) 03 Porch from the South East  2098.jpg (123790 bytes) 04 Tower from the South East  2099.jpg (116771 bytes) 05 Graves to the South  2092.jpg (118113 bytes)

06 Chancel from the South West  2095.jpg (106315 bytes) 07 Graves South and East of Chancel  2103.jpg (119694 bytes) 08 Frederick RUFFEL 1852  2104.jpg (107679 bytes) 09 Jessie Eliza AUSTEN 1911  2107.jpg (125263 bytes) 10 Graves to the South from the East  2112.jpg (98528 bytes)

11 Chancel from the East  2111.jpg (140475 bytes) 12 Graves to the East  2109.jpg (130347 bytes) 13 Graves to the East  2117.jpg (118776 bytes) 14a Augusta Anne MURRAY 1910  2118.jpg (118072 bytes) 15  1887  2121.jpg (142551 bytes)

16 Chancel from the North East  2125.jpg (146800 bytes) 17 Nave from the North  2130.jpg (131622 bytes) 18 Nave and Tower from the North East  2128.jpg (125747 bytes) 19 Graves to the North  2140.jpg (129225 bytes) 20 Graves to the North of Tower  2134.jpg (90580 bytes)

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