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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 94

On Caesar's Landing-Place in Britain.
By R. C. Hussey, Esq., F.S.A,

NOTWITHSTANDING all that has been written with a view to determine the place of Caesar's landing in Britain, the question is still open to further inquiry. The subject may be thought trite, but it must always possess a degree of interest for the people of Kent; and as the views here propounded differ from those of preceding writers, it is hoped that this additional treatise will be found excusable.
   As the purpose of the following observations is to endeavour to ascertain the course of Csesar's operations on the coast of Britain, it is unnecessary to refer to the transactions in which he was engaged preparatory to leaving Gaul, as they are not connected with the occurrences to be here investigated.1
   Before attempting to trace Csesar's movements, it is requisite to call attention to the part of the coast on which he can be supposed to have landed, viz. between Beachy Head and Dover; beyond Dover it is needless to look, for although, until recently, the general assumption has been that he debarked at Deal, it seems now to be clearly ascertained that at the time of his arrival, the current of the tide must have carried him from Dover in the opposite direction.—In the absence of any positive
1 For information on these and various other circumstances relating to Caesar's operations, not here alluded to, the reader is referred to a most valuable paper by the Astronomer Royal, in the ' Archaeologia,' vol. xxiv., in which also full particulars of the tides, etc., will be found.

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