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Dartford District Archaeological Group (DDAG)

The Christopher St John Breen Roman Pottery Archive - An aid to identifying sherds from excavations

Pictures of Central Gaulish Samian - see Potsherd

Dr30 a_extr_Samian_CG.jpg (134062 bytes) Dr37a Samian CG.jpg (120523 bytes)
Dr 30 Dr 37
Dr27 Samian CG from Abbey Farm Roman Villa, Minster in Thanet.jpg (113591 bytes) Dr33 Samian CG from Ecclesi.jpg (61024 bytes) Dr18-31b Samian CG.jpg (72698 bytes) Dr31 Samian CG from Eccles, Kent.jpg (38920 bytes) Dr31R Samian drawing.jpg (96389 bytes)
Dr 27 Dr 33 Dr 18/31 Dr 31 Dr 31R


Dr36 Samian drawing.jpg (49862 bytes) Dr 38 Samian.jpg (50929 bytes) Dr42 Samian drawing.jpg (74990 bytes)
Dr 35 Dr 36 Dr 38 Dr 40 see East Gaul Dr 42

Dr44 Samian drawing.jpg (70821 bytes)

Dr45 Samian drawing.jpg (81011 bytes) Dr46 Samian CG Drawing.jpg (35709 bytes) Dr72 b Samnian CG.jpg (39524 bytes) Stanford form 30 a Samian CG.jpg (101990 bytes)
Dr 44 Dr 45 Dr 46 Dr 72 Stanfield form 30
Walter 80 b Samian CG.jpg (51762 bytes)
Walters 80

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