Aspects of Kentish Local History

Finds from the excavation of Eccles Roman Villa, Kent
First-century pottery manufacture at Eccles, Kent  by Alec Detsicas
   Roman Pottery Studies in Britain and Beyond. Papers presented to John Gillam, BAR30 Oxford, 19-36

Pictures of number 2 sherd illustrated in the article above

Part from the girth of a butt beaker, in coarse pink fabric and much coarser rouletting than no. 1. No sherds from the rim or base of this butt beaker have so far been isolated in the mass of wasters recovered from the site, but it is undoubtedly of local manufacture as part of the roulette used in its decoration has also been found (Detsicas 1974b, fig. 8, no. 3); this fragment of roulette shows the same flaws as repeated on this butt beaker. It is not improbable that this vessel was modelled on no. 1.

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