Aspects of Kentish Local History

Finds from the excavation of Eccles Roman Villa, Kent

First-century pottery manufacture at Eccles, Kent by Alec Detsicas
Roman Pottery Studies in Britain and Beyond. BAR S30 Oxford, 19-36

38. Picture Yellowish cream fabric, with some fine sand and pitting, its virtually vertical rim-profile much more undercut than previous necks.

Picture A slender neck in white, creamy fabric, its lip more deeply recessed than no. 36, above.

Picture Buff-coloured fabric, badly pitted, the rim-profile beginning to curve outwards, slightly undercut.

Picture Fabric as for no. 40, but with a narrower, more out-curved lip; some distortion at the upper junction of handle and neck.

Picture Light red, fairly sandy fabric, its lip projecting further away from the neck and curving to a pointed, undercut lower edge.

Picture The fabric is badly pitted, pinkish white, though this is due to firing, its fairly narrow rim-profile markedly hooked.

Picture A fairly heavy, thick flagon neck, in creamy, pink, hard fabric, with some sand, pitted; the rim-profile is less hooked, but its lower edge is rounded.

Picture A fairly slender neck, in off-white, creamy fabric; its rim-profile recalls no. 42, above, but the lip is almost rounded to a bead.

Picture White, lightly sanded fabric, with a rather heavy rim, slightly beaded at the edge.

47. Picture Buff fabric, heavily sanded, with much pitting, and a heavy, hooked rim-profile.

Picture  A heavy neck from a fairly large flagon, in white, fairly sandy fabric, with some pitting, beaded at the top and bottom of the rim.

Picture White, sandy fabric, rather pitted, with a buff, light grey sandwich core, and a flattened handle; slight beading at the top and bottom of the rim.

Picture Heavy, out-flared rim-profile, in white fabric and buff core.

Picture Pink, sandy fabric, beaded at the top of the rim.

Picture White fabric, buff core, with grooving of the rim-profile.

Picture Hard, yellowish cream fabric, some pitting; the rim-profile is grooved and recessed.

Picture Creamy, buff fabric, buff core, with an angular rim-profile, which is recessed and distorted.

Picture Creamy fabric, one of several flagons with a frilled rim, grooved round the neck.

Picture Pinkish cream fabric, cracked and distorted, with a rim-profile coming to a point and constricted by cordons.

Picture Off-white fabric, some pitting and distortion of the handle, with a stepped rim-profile.

Picture A heavy neck in white fabric and buff core, badly distorted at the top; the rim-profile is heavily stepped and recessed.

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