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Elham - TR1744 Pictures of Kent Historic Buildings, Churches etc 
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01 Chancel from the NW 2006.jpg (100850 bytes) 02 Church from the NW 2013.jpg (103792 bytes) 03  Tower from the NW 2016.jpg (76679 bytes) 04 Graves to the NE of Tower 2011.jpg (121845 bytes) 05 Graves in NW corner 2018.jpg (174703 bytes)

06 Graves to the N of Tower 2020.jpg (97051 bytes) 07 Elizabeth COLTHAM 1821  2026.jpg (103803 bytes) 08 W.B. 1802  2029.jpg (75208 bytes) 09 Maria PITCHER 1867  2009.jpg (123288 bytes) 10 Base of Tower with West door 2032.jpg (115535 bytes)

11 Daniel RUCK 1762  2048.jpg (133971 bytes) 12 Graves in NW corner 2036.jpg (103673 bytes) 13 Graves to SW of Tower 2037.jpg (95252 bytes) 14 Graves to the S of Tower 2041.jpg (82038 bytes) 15 Tower from the SW 2043.jpg (75523 bytes)

16 William Gurney WHITE 1893  2053.jpg (140649 bytes) 17 Graves in lower SW corner of graveyard 2058.jpg (99099 bytes) 18 Graves in lower S part of graveyard  2059.jpg (101420 bytes) 19 Private Percy HADAWAY 1917  2054.jpg (125402 bytes) 20 Church from the South 2066.jpg (83253 bytes)

21 Church from the SE  2069.jpg (81759 bytes) 22 Graves to the SE 2072.jpg (91920 bytes) 23 Graves to the East  2074.jpg (108283 bytes) 24 Graves to the East of Church 2076.jpg (113360 bytes) 25 Graves to the East of Church 2070.jpg (116143 bytes)

26 Graves to the East of Church 2084.jpg (107285 bytes) 27 Church from the NE  2078.jpg (81033 bytes) 28 Graves to NE of Church  2080.jpg (117992 bytes) 29 Graves to the N of church  2086.jpg (86206 bytes) 30 Church from the North  2089.jpg (87868 bytes)

31 Plan of St Mary's Church Churchyard, Elham.jpg (177369 bytes) Best sure to visit the Elham History Society website at


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