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Elmsted  TR1145 Pictures of Kent Historic Buildings, Churches etc 
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01 Church from the South East  1122.jpg (101284 bytes) 02 Graves to the East  1125.jpg (77806 bytes) 03 Graves to the South  1127.jpg (100963 bytes) 04 South East corner of graveyard  1129.jpg (90346 bytes) 05 Church from the South  1131.jpg (118535 bytes)

06 Graves to the South  1133.jpg (120954 bytes) 07 George NEWPORT  1835  1136.jpg (143046 bytes) 08 Unknown 1137.jpg (143438 bytes) 09 Graves to the West  1139.jpg (153035 bytes) 10 Tower from the South West  1141.jpg (93936 bytes)

11 Sarah STUPPLES 1863  1143.jpg (141656 bytes) 12 Church from the South West  1145.jpg (88460 bytes) 13 Stephen BIRCH 1857  1148.jpg (80515 bytes) 14 Tower from the West  1151.jpg (60824 bytes) 15 Church from the North  1160.jpg (125783 bytes)

16 Gravestones in North West corner  1162.jpg (186328 bytes) 17 Gravestones along Northern boundary  1165.jpg (188516 bytes) 18 Elizabeth SHORTER 1903  1167.jpg (107413 bytes) 19 Gravestones along Northern boundary  1168.jpg (99850 bytes) 20 Massive yew tree to West  1173.jpg (60873 bytes)

21 Church from the North East  1174.jpg (69995 bytes) 22 Map of Churchyard.jpg (132185 bytes)

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