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Wills of Rochester Shipwrights 1652 - 1837
Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) Wills  (Pre 1858)

Roger LAMBERT 1710

I ROGER LAMBERT of the parish of Saint Margarett's next Rochester in the County of Kent Shipwright and master Carpenter in her Majestie's Shipp the Prince George being at present weake in body but of sound mind memory and understanding doe make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say in the first place I committ my Soul into the hands of Almighty God in whose mercy    ?    & Salvation and through the mediation and intercession of his Only Son our Lord Jesus Christ and my body I committ to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my hereafter named and as for my worldly Goods I dispose of them in manner and forme following vizt. I appoint my executors hereafter named to sell all my household Goods ( except the plate and Linen) to the best advantage and the money arising thereby to be made use of by them to the payment of my debts funerall charges and the remainder to be expended in the bringing up and putting out to apprentice my Sons DANIELL HICKMAN JOHN and JOSEPH LAMBERT and of my daughter SUSANNA LAMBERT and as for the Linen and plate belonging to me at the time of my decease I give and bequeath it all to my foresaid daughter SUSANNA Item I appoint my executors after the payment of all my debts and funerall all charges to make use of and apply the remainder of all moneys due to my selfe or servants in the Shipp Prince George at the Dock or by bills bonds or for house rent or any other way whatsoever to the bringing up putting out and providing for my aforesaid Sons and daughter above named Item I appoint my executors after named to sell to the best advantage all my tenement houses and Land with the appurtenances thereof situate lying in the Manor and Lordshipp of Great Hucklow in the County of Derby and the money arising thereby my debts being first paid to be made use of by my said executors to the bringing up and providing for my above named children Item as to my house I now live in on Saint Margarett's Bank next the City of Rochester I give and bequeath it after my decease to my two youngest Sons JOHN and JOSEPH LAMBERT to be equally shared between them they paying of the mortgage if there be any upon it and in case any one of them my said two Sons shall happen to die before he arrives at the age of twenty one yeares I appoint and give his share to my aforesaid daughter SUSANNA LAMBERT and in case the other of my aforesaid youngest Sons shall happen to dye before the age of One and twenty I appoint and give his share of the aforesaid house to my Son HICKMAN LAMBERT Item I appoint and empower my executors not only to lett my aforesaid0 dwelling house and apply the rent to the use of my children as above directed but also if there be an absolute necessity of it for the bringing up and putting out of my aforesaid children to Borrow what it seems necessary upon it and grant a mortgage of it for the Security of the said money to the Lender of it    ?    absolutely to sell if need be and Lastly I appoint DANIELL HICKMAN of Saint Margarett's my father in Law and SAMUEL ROGERS and JOHN EVORY my brothers in Law both of the same parish of Saint Margarett's my full executors to perform and execute this my last Will and Testament and I doe hereby revoke all former wills and testaments by me made spoken or published before the writing and ensealing of these presents declaring this to be my only and last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I the said ROGER LAMBERT have sett my hand and Seale to both pages of these presents this Eighth day of December in the ninth yeare the reign of Our Sovereigne Lady Anne by the grace of God of Great Brittaine France and Ireland Queen defender of the faith etc Anno domini 1710 ROGER LAMBERT Signed Sealed delivered and published and declared by the said ROGER LAMBERT the testator on both pages as and for his Last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence have subscribed Our names as Witnesses hereunto THOS EMBERSON ELEANOR ALLEN ANN BEAUCHAMP

I doe hereby further appoint as part of my last Will and testament Mr THOMAS JENNING and Mr JAMES ALLEN to be Overseers in the Execution of this my Last will In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale day and date above written ROGER LAMBERT Signed and Sealed before us above THOS EMBERSON ELEANOR ALLEN ANN BEAUCHAMP

Proved 5th February 1710 (1711 in modern calendar)

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