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Wills of Gillingham Shipwrights 1621 - 1852
Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) Wills  (Pre 1858)

John FRANKLING  1781

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I JOHN FRANKLING of the Parish of Gillingham in the County of Kent Shipwright being sick in Body but of sound mind and perfect memory and understanding do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say I commit my Body to the Earth to be decently Buried by my good Friends THOMAS KNIGHT of Chatham in the County aforesaid and HANNAH SNOW who now lives with me who I nominate constitute and appoint Executors of this my Will And as to such worldly Estate as I am now possessed of I give and dispose thereof as follows I give devise and bequeath unto HANNAH SNOW aforesaid for her own use all all that my house and premises which I hold upon Lease with the Household Furniture and Implements of Household and Monies that shall become due to me from any Society or Societies unto which I shall be entitled to and two (cows)?, for all the rest residue and remainder of my Monies in the Public Funds and Stocks ready Money and Securities for Money Debts and all other things I shall be possessed of or entitled to at my decease I give and bequeath to my Son and Daughter HENRY FRANKLING and ELEANOR FRANKLING share and share alike for ever And in case of the death of the said HANNAH SNOW before the Lease of the said house and premises is expired then I give the said house and premises the remainder part of the Lease to my Son and Daughter aforesaid share and share alike And I give unto my said Son HENRY my watch and Daughter ELEANOR six spoons and strainer But it is my desire that my said Executor THOMAS KNIGHT shall have the care of all my Money and discretionally apply and lay out as he shall discretionally think fit for the use of my Son and Daughter and pay himself his Expenses And the said Monies shall be subject to the payment of my just Debts Funeral Expenses and the Charges of proving this my Will And I do hereby revoke and make void all other Wills and declare this only to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this twenty seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty one The mark of JOHN FRANKLING Signed Sealed published and declared by the said JOHN FRANKLING to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us Witnesses being first interlined JOHN HOME? JN. SOMMERTON

Proved 3rd October 1781

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