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Wills of Sheerness Shipwrights 1693 - 1855
Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) Wills  (Pre 1858)


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I JOHN MANSFIELD of the County of Kent and of the parish of Sheerness Shipwright make this my last Will and Testament
I resign my Soul to it's Divine Creator in humble through the merits and intercession of his Son Jesus Christ of a happy resurrection as to my body my wish is that it be buried with as little expense as possible in being decent hereby (appoint ?) my dearly beloved Wife MARY MANSFIELD the Executor of this my last Will and Testament 
Item I give all my household furniture Plate China And all the Interest of my fortune in the public funds during her natural life while she remains a Widow and after her Marriage or demise to my only Daughter MARY MANSFIELD should my Daughter MARY with the consent of her Mother   then I give her three hundred pounds Sterling on her marriage to be settled on her and her Children likewise the remainder of her Fortune and in case my said Widow  should marry I hereby appoint my said Widow with my Sister MARY MANSFIELD  and my Brother SAMUEL MANSFIELD joint trustees for my Daughter till she shall arrive of the age of twenty one years  or of being married with the consent of the Mother or trustees in case of her demise before my Widow's death leaving no Children  and half of my fortune shall devolve on my Brothers and Sisters  and the other half to whom she pleases
Item I give all my pictures  of my own Drawing  to Mrs MANSFIELD during life and after her demise to my Daughter at her death to any of my Brothers
Item I give to my Brother and Sister taking on them the trusteeship for my Daughter  the sum of five Guineas each for a ring in remembrance of me
Item I give to my Brother SAMUEL my   ?   writing Desk and all my Books rafts  & everything else  relating to the business of a Shipwright
Item give to my present and last two Servants* to be equally divided  (all my tools of every kind and sort)
Item I give Sisters MARY and NANCY  Brothers SAMUEL CHARLES and BAVINGTON  two guineas  each for a ring in remembrance of me  at my death
revoking all other Wills  I make this my last Will and Testament  as witness my hand this twentieth Second  of February One thousand seven hundred  And eighty Nine  JNO MANSFIELD  Witnesses  SAML. FOLLETT  SAML. MANSFIELD

Codicil dated 2nd April 1789
Not having made any provision to my lawful Wife MARY MANSFIELD in case she Should marry after my decease I hereby give and bequeath unto the said MARY MANSFIELD the sum of four hundred ponds  sterling in case she Should marry after my decease in addition to all power bequeathed and at her decease to go to my Daughter MARY MANSFIELD  And at her death leaving no Children one half of the four hundred pounds shall devolve to my Brothers and Sisters  and the other half to who she pleases
Proved 4th June 1789

Note in Margin 18th April 1813
The will was not administered by MARY MANSFIELD. Granted to MARY NELSON, wife of JOHN WILLIAM NELSON, the daughter of JOHN MANSFIELD

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