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Wills of Sheerness Shipwrights 1693 - 1855
Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) Wills  (Pre 1858)


THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me DANIEL BROWN of Sheerness in the Isle of Sheppey Kent Shipwright
I give and bequeath (the whole of my property) viz: a house situate in Leigh in the County of Essex  that is to say the rental & any other benefit which may arise therefrom also invested in the Bank of England also my household furniture & clothes with any other description of property  which I may die possessed of  to my Wife MARY BROWN for her sole & separate use & benefit during her natural life  My said Wife may sell out and dispose of the whole or any part  of the principal stock  of the money located in the Bank if her need should so require & appropriate  the same for her own  use she may also dispose  of the whole or any portion  of the furniture if necessary but she may not sell or mortgage the house  at Leigh above mentioned  under any circumstances  but receive only the rental & during her life as aforesaid
I further direct that on the decease of my said Wife  MARY BROWN the house at Leigh aforesaid shall be immediately sold & also the whole of the money to be sold out of the Bank if it has not been previously withdrawn & the proceeds from the sale  of the house & the money drawn from the Bank  to be united the whole  to be then equally divided  & distributed  among my eight children  viz DANIEL  ANN  EDWARD  WILLIAM  JOHN  ELIJAH  DAVID  & EMMA to share & share alike
The household furniture & sundries to be equally divided or in case of any dissatisfaction to be sold & the money equally divide among my eight children  also but no division or distribution  to be made to my children  till the funeral expenses & of my Wife  shall have been duly discharged 
I also appoint my Wife MARY BROWN & my eldest Son DANIEL BROWN to be the Executors of this my last Will & Testament  with the direction that if my Son DANIEL should decease before my Wife  that my next Son EDWARD shall be immediately appointed  to fill his deceased brother's place  as my Executor
July 18th 1850 DANIEL BROWN This Signature of the Testator was made in our presence who in his presence & in the presence of each other do under sign & bear Witness to the same F. G. GRAY  MARY BANKS
Proved 20th July 1852

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