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Wills of Caulkers of Chatham and Gillingham 1638-1841

Hugh GRESTOCK 1801

I HUGH GRESTOCK of the Parish of Chatham in the County of Kent Caulker do make this my last Will and Testament
   I Give and Bequeath unto SARAH GRESTOCK my Wife all my property of what kind soever to have and to hold the term of her natural life and One hundred and ten pounds seventeen shillings and six pence between Mr ISAAC WARNER and Mrs SARAH KENNET together with all the Plate to be by them divided after the death of SARAH GRESTOCK my Wife the furniture to be divided between SARAH KENNET ISAAC WARNER and STEPHEN GRESTOCK but all the wearing apparel to Mrs SARAH KENNET after the death of my Wife
   In Witness whereof we the parties under mentioned have set [our] hands this 20th of May 1801 HUGH GRESTOCK THOMAS NOKES RICH. PEMBLE
   Proved 17th September 1801

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