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Wills of 17th Century Gentlemen of Chatham 1647-1698

William HOLT 1647

William Holt and his wife Sarah appear in the will of Nathaniel Aplyn, a prosperous shipwright of Chatham, written in 1643. So it is likely that Holt is connected with the Royal Dockyard. (See my Wills of 17th Century Chatham Shipwrights, on this site.)
   Memorandum that in or about the Tenth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God One thousand six hundred fortie seaven William Holt of Chatham in the County of Kent gent being sick and weake in bodie but of good and perfect mind and memorie having an intent to make his last will and Testament and purpose to dispose of his estate after his death declared his last Will and Testament noncupative in manner and forme following that is to say
I give the land which I purchased in Chislett to my Sonne Henry being fortie pounds by the yeare and of which he shall paie to my Daughter Judith twentie pounds a yeare
I give all the   ?   that I have   ?   and my parte in the Shipp called the Blessing unto my Daughter Judith
I give that parte that I have in the Shipp called Blackmore? and then     ?     and land that I have purchased as [     ?     ]iscott house to my Sonne William Also I give him the three tenements in Chatham streete after his Mother's decease
And also the rest of my estate I give to my deare loveing wife for to bring up all my children till such time as they shall come of lawful age
And the said William Holt called upon some persons present at his bedside att the time above said to take notice of his last Will and Testament as above and not to disturb     ?     which will and words of the like in effect      ?      Spoken in the presence and hearing of Thomas Flawson Susanna Knott and Sarah his Wife*
Proved 1st October 1647 * Sarah Holt wife of William, to whom administration was granted.

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