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Ash next Ridley - Parish Information
Early days at New Ash Green - Pictures of the start of building in the 1960's by Span 

Aerial pictures of New Ash Green 1967?
Pictures taken by Brian Tremain of Hartley, from a brown envelope marked 1967

Helicopter flight over New Ash Green

New Ash Green from the East

New Ash Green from the East with neighbourhoods labelled.

Lambardes under construction

Looking North towards Hartley

The Meadow with Nine Horse Wood on the right

Looking North. Punch Croft on lower left, Over Minnis in centre, Shopping Centre upper left, Lambardes centre right.

Lambardes under construction. Shopping Centre under construction in distance.

Lambardes under construction

Shopping Centre  left, Lambardes and Over Minnis centre. Punch Croft at bottom.

Shopping Centre under construction up to 1st Floor level.

Shopping Centre extreme left, Lambardes top left. Punch Croft bottom centre.

Shopping Centre bottom left, with Over Minnis above. Punch Croft top right.

Punch Croft with Turners Oak crossroads bottom Centre..

Punch Croft, looking South. Ash Church in far distance.

Punch Croft, looking South. Ash Church in far distance.

Ash Church from the North.

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Before New Ash Green in pictures
   1936  Six inch map of New Ash Green area showing locations of Photographs

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