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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 12  1878  page v + vi


Proceedings, 1877-8 xxxiv
1. The Roman Castrum at Reculver. By George Dowker, F.G.S.. 1
2. Roman remains from Ramsgate. By Robert Hicks, M.R.C.S. 14
3. Church of St Nicholas at Wade.  By Joseph Clarke, F.S.A. 19
4. The Canterbury Marching Watch and its Pageant of St Thomas.  By J. Brigstocke Sheppard 27
5. Roman remains at Preston next Wingham. By George Dowker F.G.S., and C. Roach Smith, F.S.A., 47
6. James Stuart, Duke of Lenox and Richmond of Cobham Hall. By Lady Elizabeth Cust 49
7. Chislet Church. By Frederick Slater 106
8. The Lords of Cobham. Part II. By J.G. Waller 113
9. Minster Church Thanet. By the Editor 167
10. St Mary's Minster and St Mildred. By Canon R.C. Jenkins 177
11. Holders of Knight's Fees in Kent, Anno 38 Henry III. By James Greenstreet 197
12. A Medieval Pilgrimage into Kent in aid of the Restoration of  Laon Cathedral.
    By Canon Robert C. Jenkins

13. Reculver Church. By George Dowker F.G.S 248
14. Monkton Manor and Church. By Rev. E. H. Maclachan 269
15. Villenage in Kent. By Rev. M.T. Pearman 283
16. Kent Fines, 7 Edward II. By James Greenstreet  289
17. On a Leaden Vessel found in the Medway.  By the Editor 309
18. William De Wrotham, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. By Canon Scott Roberts 310
19. On a Gold Torques from Dover. By Canon Scott Roberts 317
20. The Assize of Bread.  By the Editor 321

contents continued page vi

21. Archaeological Notes on Thanet. By the Editor
The British name "Ruim" 329, Stonore (Stonar) and the Romans 330,  Lundenwic 331,  Saxons in Thanet 334,  Thanet's Insulation 336,  Minster Court 334,  Powcy's 357,  Salmeston 360,  Ramsgate 365, St Lawrence 369,  Partisans or Wat Tyler and Jack Cade  374,  St Peter's Church  379,  Broadstairs 385,  St Peter's 388,  Calais Grange  392Monkton  394,  St Nicholas (Crump Farm and Frost's) 398,  Birchington 402,  Quex  413,  Nash Court Cave 419

22. Subsidy Roll for the Hundred of Faversham, 14 Henry VIII. By James Greenstreet 420
23. Miscellanea
   Roman remains from Milton next Sittingbourne Churchyard. By George Payne, F.L.S.
   Leaden Coffin at Crayford,  Roman Coffin of Lead at Chatham,  Subterranean Shaft at Eltham Park,
   Acoustic Jars in Leeds Church,
24. Index 433
25. Errata Et Corrigenda 452

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