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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 16  1886  page v + vi



Officers, x; Rules, xiv; and List of Members xvi-xxxiii ; Cash Accounts :— For the Year 1885 .xxxiii*; 
  For the Year 1883 xxxiv ;  For the Year 1884  xxxvi ; Proceedings at the Sevenoaks Meeting, 1884 xl ; 
  27th Annual Report, xl; Sundridge Church, xii; Eynsford Church xliv-xlviii ; Proceedings at the Sandwich
  Meeting, 1885.  28th Annual Report, ii; Sandwich Court Hall and Records, lii; 
  Excursion to the Sandwich Area 1885 liii (Perambulation of Sandwich, liii; St. Mary’s Church, lv ; 
  Richborough Castrurn, lx; Great Mongeham Church, lxii; Betteshanger, lxv; Eastry Church, etc lxvi-lxx)
1. Romano-British Internments at Bayford next Sittingbourne. By George Payne, F.S.A. 1
2. Roman Coffin of Lead found near Sittingbourne. By George Payne, F.S.A. 9
3. Tonbridge Castle and its Lords. By J. F. Wadmore A.R.I.B.A. 12
4. Visits of two Queens to Sandwich. By Thomas Dorman 58
5. Oxenhoth Manor. By W. N. T. Geary and Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 64
6. Bethersden; Its Church and Monumental Inscriptions. By the Rev. A.J. Pearman, .M.A. 66
7. Lullingstone Church of St Botolph. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 99
8. Chevening Church. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson M.A. 114
9. Chevening House. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 127
10. Squerryes Court, thye Camp and the Picture. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 134
11. Barfreston Church in A.D. 1840. By R. U. Hussey, F.S.A. 142

contents continued page vi

12. Erith Church; Its Ancient Architecture. By F. C. J. Spurrell 152
13. The Early History of Ashford, Kent. By Robert Furley, F.S.A. 161
14. The Sandwich Book of Orphans. By Thomas Dorman  179
15, A Sculptured Legend at St Laurence Church in Thanet.  By the Rev. C. A. Molony, M.A. 207
16. Erith Church; Its Monumental Inscriptions. By John Harris 209
17. Frindsbury Church Wall Paintings. By the Rev. Canon. Scott Robertson, M.A. 225
18. Peche of Lullingstone. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 227
19. Expense Book of James Master. Part II., A.D. 1655—57. 
   Transcribed by. Mrs. Max. Dalison, edited by the Rev. Canon Scott. Robertson, M.A.

20. Charing Church. By John Sayer, J.P. 260
21. The Archiepiscal Manor House at Charing. By John Sayer, J.P 266
22. On an Altar Slab found at Hougham Church. By the Rev. B. R. Orger, M.A. 269
23. Wages in A.D.1621, and Innkeepers' Bills in 1668. By F.F. Giraun, Town Clerk of Faversham 270
24. On Brasses and Slabs in Sundridge Church. By the late Rev. Herbert Haines 275
25. West Wickham Church. By George Clinch 277
26. Quarry House in Frindsbury. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson, M.A 285
27. Churchwardens' Accounts of St Dunstan's, Canterbury 1484—1514. 
   By  J. M. Cowper, F.R. Hist. Soc

28. St Eanswith's Reliquary in Folkestone Church. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 322
29. Church Plate in Kent. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson, M.A.
   Part I. Chronological List of Old Church Plate  made between A.D.1485 and A.D.1761
   Index of Parishes and Donors
30. Dr Henry H. Drake's Hundred of Blackheath, being Part I. of his new edition of 
    Hasted’s History of Kent

31. General Index 447


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