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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 88

Hackington, or St Stephen'sí, Canterbury. Collar of SS. 
By Edward Foss, F.S.A.

   In 1882, the first example (Sir Thomas Burton), it was a small collar fitting closely to the neck, with the letter S placed at equal distances on a stiff band of a dark colour, the ends of which bent outwardly, and were united by a chain.
   After the accession of Henry IV., the collar was united sometimes by a sort of buckle, and sometimes by an enriched trefoil-shaped clasp.



   The pendent ornament varied in the succeeding reigns; an apparently jewelled ring being sometimes attached to the collar. Two of the examples in this county have this addition: that in the church of St. Lawrence, on the brass of Nicholas Manston, Esq., who died in 1444; and that in Teynham church, on a figure supposed to be of John Frogenhall, Esq., who died in the same year, of which the following is a sketch.
   1 In Boutell's Mon. Brasses and Slabs, p. 65, this collar has a single S pendent; but the figure given above is taken from a rubbing of the brass itself, by Mr. Hussey, whose correctness may be relied on.

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