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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 90

Hackington, or St Stephen'sí, Canterbury. Collar of SS. 
By Edward Foss, F.S.A.

In the reign of Henry VII., the collar was increased in size, hanging lower down the neck, with the letters placed more closely and bordered by a fillet of gold, not divided at the end, but having that king's Beaufort


badge, a portcullis pendent, with a rose attached to it.
   Up to this time, the letters were invariably placed on a band, but they next appear to be set, as the jewellers call it, transparently; each letter being fastened by little chains or studs to its neighbour. The size also was greatly increased, so as to hang over the shoulders, and the ends were united by two portcullises, not pendent, with a rose pendent to them; an example of

this is seen in Holbein's portrait of Sir Thomas More.

Chain worn by Sir Thomas Moore

   But in the portrait of Sir James Dyer, Chief Justice in the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the rose, instead of being pendent, is placed between the portcullises.

Chain worn by Sir James Dyer

   The next and last change occurred in the same reign, and was made by introducing a Garter knot between

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