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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 40  1928  page v + vi


List of Officers, x; List of Local Secretaries, xii ; Societies in Union, xiii; Rules, xiv; Honorary Members, and Affiliated Societies, xx; List of Members, xx; Report for Year ending 31st December, 1927 Cash Accounts for 1927 xli  
1. Brasses in Barham Church. By Ralph Griffin, Secretary of the Society of Antiquarians 1
2. A Find of Ancient Gold Coins at Westerham. By George C. Brooke, M.A., F.S.A. 25
3. On a Tile Cist Discovered at Northumberland Bottom, Northfleet. By Ronald F. Jessup 29
4. The De Aldehams. By Gordon Ward, M.D. 31
5. Eastry Wills - Owr to Wol (concluded). By Arthur Hussey 35
6. A Crucifix from West Farleigh. By Aymer Vallance 49
7. Notes from a Fourteenth Century Act-Book of the Consistory Court of Canterbury.
   By Rev. C. Eveleigh Woodruff, M.A.

8. A Note the Plan of St Augustine's Abbey Church. By Rev. R. U. Potts, F.S.A., Bursar of the College 65
9. A Roman Cemetery at St Martin's Hill, Canterbury. By W. Whiting and H. T. Mead 67
10. A Roman Site in the Church Field at Snodland. By N. C. Cook 79

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11. Kentish Men at the University of Padua. Communicated by F. W. Cock, Esq., M.D., F.S.A. 85
12. List of the Gentry in Kent in the Time of Henry VII. By Major Brian Cope 89
13. The Family of Septvans. By Sir Reginald Tower, K.C.M.G., C.V.O. 105
14. Wingham Church. Communicated by Arthur Hussey and A. H. Taylor 131
15. Whitfield alias Beuesfeld. By Rev. Grevile M. Livett, F.S.A. (Hon. Canon of Rochester) 141
16. The Evolution of the Holmesdale (No. 2). The Village Comminutes. By Capt. Herbert W. Knocker 159
17. Ringwould Church. A Report in March, 1925,
   by Professor F. C. Eeles, with supplementary notes by .V.J.B. Torr

18. Reviews:
   "Harrison of Ightham." Prepared for publication by Sir Edward R. Harrison
"Richborough Castle." By J. P. Bushe-Fox, F.S.A.
19. General Index 185

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