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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 14

Milton Wills (next Sittingbourne) Part II Coc to Joh. By Arthur Hussey

Daughter Felice wife of William Hogon my Barn with buildings, dovehouse, and 4 acres of land for life then to her issue. [
Probate 16 March 1472-3.]           (A. Vol. 2, fol. 146.)

   7 Sept 1487. Buried in the churchyard. Light of the Cross of the High Loft a wax candle to burn during divine service in Hartlip church 6d. Joan Cotyng my sister 20/- and half my goods. Thomas Crux my brother 20/- and the other half of my goods. Residue to Thomas Cotyng my brother and Ex’or. 
[Probate 10 Feb. 1487-8.]             (A. Vol. 5, fol. 21.)

   24 Sept 1494. Buried in the churchyard. After debts paid residue to wife Margaret and Elie Catlott my Ex’ors to dispose for my soul. Messuage in Newington be sold and £3-6-8 to wife Margaret, the residue to pay debts.
[No Probate. Cf. next will 21 Feb 1494-5.]
                                                     (A. Vol. 6, fol. 52.)

   18 June 1529. Buried in the churchyard. Ex’or—Wife

Joan and have residue after paying debts, with William Awse overseer. Wife have the tenement I dwell in, also tenement bought from Thomas Keylog for her life, paying to my daughter Joan 40/- and daughter Alice 20/- at their marriage. After the death of my wife son Thomas the younger have the two tenements in fee simple. Son Thomas the elder the tenement in St John’s hold with two gardens there and the taynter lands1 when he is 25 in fee simple, giving to my daughter Alice out of the tenement 20/- at her marriage. If sons die without lawful issue, then after wife’s death all lands tenements be sold, the money half in charitable works for our souls, other half 40/- to my daughter Marione the residue between daughters Joan and Alice. Witnesses :—Thomas Austen vicar, Thomas Payne, Roger Yenes, John Bresenden, Nicholas Hart. 
Probate 6 August 1529.]              (A. Vol. 18, fol. 203.)

   22 May 1539. Administration to her goods granted to Alice her daughter. Bonds :—John Payne of Wye, and John Plott of Iwade, in £40. 
                                                 (A. Act. Vol. 8, fol 39.)
   1 Tenter-ground, where tenter hooks were placed for stretching skins, cloth, etc.

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