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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 16

Ash next Sandwich Wills - Part II Coc to Joh. By Arthur Hussey

   17 June 1506. Administration to his goods granted to Katherine his widow.             (A. Act. Vol. 3, fol. 148.)

   5 July 1510. My body to the earth to be buried in a holy place (in loco sacro). Residue to wife Elisabeth and sons John, William, Thomas my Ex’ors, with William Peerson overseer. Wife have one house that she will chose of the two for life then to my sons equally, the other to my sons. Witnesses :—John Stamford curate there, William Peerson, Thomas Payne. 
[Probate 19 Sept 1510]              (A. Vol. 11, fol. 198.)

MAWDE, widow of Cuthbert ELLWODE.
   No date. Buried in the churchyard beside my husband. John Ade have all moveables and debts owing to me to bring up my children until they be 14, and discharge me of the last Will of Richard Horn1, and my brother John Huggine and Lockysmith of Tonge for my husband’s Will. Anise [Agnes] my daughter 8 pewter platters, 4 pewter dishes, 2 sawcers, the greatest brewing kettle with the

trivet, a chafer to stand by the fire, etc, at her marriage or when 20. Sons Robert and Thomas the residue of the pewter and brass. Mawd Watson daughter of my sister 6-8d at her marriage. Ex’or—John Ade, with John Huggine my brother and John Rede overseers. That a table, form and querne (handmill) remain to my house at Borden. Residue to Ex’or to pay debts, etc. Witnesses :—Thomas Austen, vicar, John Huggine, John Rede.
[Probate 24 January 1536-7.]        (A. Vol. 21, fol. 113.)

   8 December 1551. Probate to his Will. Ex’or—Thomas Figge, brother. 
[No more information.]           (A. Act. Vol. 10, fol. 109.)

    20 March 1548-9. 
[Probate 26 Sept. 1549.]           (A. Vol. 26, fol. 275-9.)
(This long Will is printed in Arch. Cant., Vol. XIII, 328-32.)
   1 See the will of John Horne, 1528, of which her husband, Cuthbert, was one of the Exors. No Will of Cuthbert Ellwode.

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