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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 21

Milton Wills (next Sittingbourne) Part II Coc to Joh. By Arthur Hussey

  15 December 1477. Buried in the churchyard. My brother William Grey my best cloak. Residue to wife Joan and William Coting my Ex’ors. Wife have my messuage and to her heirs assigns for ever. 
[Probate 4 March 1477-8.]             (A.Vol.3, fol. 157.)

   14 March 1523-4. Buried in the church of the Trinity Milton before the Rood. High altar for tithes 20/-. Reparation of the church £6-13-4d and Thomas Austen the vicar with Robert Debnham have the disposition where most need is. To Iwade church £5 by 33-4d to buy a stock of ewes and with the mole [=profit, increase] of them to find a wax taper before Our Lady there. John son of Herry Finch a piece of land called little Holbroke, and he and his heirs and assigns to pay yearly 6-8d to the vicar for an Obit yearly in the church for 40 years. William Colsam the hermit 6-8d. Ex’ors :—Katherine Finch widow, and John son of Herry Finch, with Thomas Austen vicar, overseer. That Ex’ors fulfill the Will of my wife [Joan] and dispose residue after paying debts for our souls. My Manor or 

tenement called Broke with a cow-pasture in Blakers marsh, to Katherine and John Finch, paying £13-6-8d and £60, the money to buy a whole suite of black for Milton church £40, and £33-6-8d to a priest to sing for our souls for five years. That the said Katherine and John buy Broke severally and not as joint purchasers. My land called Russhinden [in Sheppey] be sold the money disposed to my kinsfolk, or repair of bad roads, or other good works by Ex’ors. If it can be proved by the law or by those learned in the law and of good conscience, that the Manor of Groveherst which I have sold be entailed by the last Will of my uncle Thomas Groveherst unto further heirs, and restitution and amends to be made to the heirs ; then out of all my lands and goods restitution be made, and my lands sold to the best value for this, and Katherine Finch widow and John Finch shall have first choice of purchase of my tenement Broke if they will buy it. Then when satisfaction is made to the heirs any residue to fulfill my Will. If it be proved Groveherst is not entailed then my Will be fulfilled. Witnesses :—Thomas Austen vicar, William Ballamye, John Plott. 
[Probate 12 May 1524.]              (A. Vol. 16, fol. 34.)

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