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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 26

Milton Wills (next Sittingbourne) Part II Coc to Joh. By Arthur Hussey

garden for life, then to John son of my brother John Hill and his heirs for ever, if he die without issue then to Robert Hill my brother. My brother Robert Hill have a broad loom and a linen loom. Residue after debts paid to John Fye and Joan his wife my Ex’ors to dispose for my soul. Witnesses :—John Walsh my curate, John Gormesfell, John Turye, William Raynold.
[No Probate Date.]                        (A. Vol. 6, fol. 8.)

    2 Feb 1498-9. Buried in the churchyard. John Hills my kinsman all my craft and trade tools, a bacon hogg, all wood in the garden. Residue after paying debts to John and William my sons. Ex’or—Robert Dobenham. To the making of a torch for the church 20d. Witnesses :—Dom William Petitt vicar, Robert Dobenham. 
[Probate 27 Feb. 1498-9.]           (A. Vol. 7, fol. 101.)

   20 August 1473. Buried in the churchyard. To the parish-priest, parish-clerk, and sacrist, each 4d. Residue to wife Elene my Ex’or. If I die from this sickness my wife have the messuage in which I dwell in the market-place of Middelton for life, then to Agnes my daughter and her

lawful issue, in default to be sold, the money—for a priest to celebrate in Middelton and Newington churches half a year for our souls £6-13-4d; Joan Cokelette my daughter 40/-; Joan daughter of Joan Cokelette 6-8d; Thomas Parkin barber 3-4d; John Bole and William Coting my Feoffees each 5/-, any residue to the highways and poor people. Peter Dingley vicar to be overseer and have 6-8d. Witnesses :—John Cobbe, William Denewey, John Carpenter, Thomas Sprotte, Thomas at Sole. 
[Probate 2 Sept. 1473.]                 (A. Vol. 2, fol. 184.)

WILLIAM HUGGIN, of Quyntonstreet.
   4 Oct 1513. Buried in the churchyard. To the gilding of Our Lady 40d. Mawd daughter of my son a brass pot of three gallons, Thomas her brother a little brass pot, John his brother 6d. John Harman 13-4d of which my wife shall pay 6-8d and John my son 6-8d. Robert Huggin my brother 13-4d by 3-4d. yearly. Residue after debts etc paid to wife Margaret, who with William Wreke her son, my Ex’ors. Wife have for life all messuages, gardens, lands in Quyntonstreet in Middelton and Bobbing, except two acres at Hulthill be sold and money disposed for my soul; after wife’s death to son John and his lawful issue. Son John all

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