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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 28

Milton Wills (next Sittingbourne) Part II Coc to Joh. By Arthur Hussey

To the Hermit of Milton 12d. Residue to wife Agnes my Ex’or. Wife have my messuage at Northstreet for 20 years, then to Agnes my daughter for ever, and if wife be with a son then after the 20 years to the son for ever, but if a girl to my daughters. Witnesses :—Peter Dingley vicar, Stephen Feltnell, Thomas utte Sole. 
[Probate 17 January 1474-5.]      (A. Vol. 2, fol. 366.)

   20 April 1474. Buried in the churchyard. Ex’or—Wife Joan and have residue of goods. Wife have my messuage in East. street Sidingbourne for life then to Richard my son.
[Probate 16 June 1474.]             (A. Vol. 2, fol. 315.)

   20 Oct 1469. Buried in the churchyard. To the parish-priest 6d, parish-clerk 4d, the sacrist my red cloak. Wife Alice all utensils of my house. Dionise and Rose my daughters at their marriage each £3-6-8d. Ex’ors :—Thomas Clenche, William Coting to pay all debts. Wife dwell in my house for a year then have for life 20/- yearly. The tenement called Robys with all lands to my sons (no names) and daughters, if they die without lawful issue

then be sold, the money :—to the highway between the churches of Iwade and Bobbing £13.6-8d, to a priest to celebrate for our souls 33-4d, the residue by discretion of Feoffees.
[Probate 15 Feb. 1469-70.]          (A. Vol. 1, fol. 313.)

   No Date. Buried in the churchyard. Residue to wife Cecily my Ex’or. Feoffees :—Thomas Thomas and William Alen. The house in which I dwell be sold the money to pay my debts, and residue equally to wife and daughters (no names) when 22. Witnesses :—John Ade, William Alen, Thomas Denham.
[Probate 2 July 1522.]              (A. Vol. 15, fol. 169.)

   3 Oct 1528. Buried in the churchyard. In the church 10/- in masses and other good works for my soul and parents. Son Edward my best coat. Son James a bullock. Son John 8 seames of barley when he is 16 and Cutbert Elwood have the same unto
   1 Richard Home of; who died 1505, left two sons, Richard and John.

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