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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 70

Some Fifteenth Century Wills continued
Grene, John, Rector of Charing.
   To be burd in the Chancel of Charing Church. Bequests
   of many books.  Proved 29 Dec., 1434.
Henry IVth, King.
   To be burv in Canterbury Cathedral. Proved Dec. 4,
Helwolding, Nich. of Herne.
   Proved 20 Apr., 1430.
Helwolding, Agnes, Widow of Nicholas H.
   Proved 9 May, 1430.
Hugham, Will, Vicar of St. Mary, Northgate, Cant.
   To be burd in the Church of the Priory of St. Gregory 
   in Canterbury.  Proved 1 Jan., 1417.
Hugwet, John, of Chartham.
   To be burd in the Churchyard of Chartham. Proved 10
   Nov., 1420.
Islep, Radulf, Chaplain of Buckingham's Chantry in Cant.
   Cathedral.  Proved 13 Sept., 1420.
Leverton, Alan, Rector of Harrietsham.
   To be burd in the Conventual Church of the Holy Trinity
   of Motenden.   Proved 8 Dec., 1429.
Lovelich, Master John, Rector of St. Alphege, Cant.
   Bequests of books, an interesting Will. Proved 25 Sept.,
Maroche, John of St. Alphege, Cant.
   To be burd in cimiteris ecclesio Christi. Canterarie.
   Proved 21 Sept., 1420.
Mew, John, of East Peckham.
   To be burd in the Church of E. Peckham. Proved 17
   Nov., 1421.

Mottisfont, John, Vicar of Lydd.
   To be burd in the Holy Mother Church. (Bequests of
   books.) Proved 25 Sept., 1420.
Pachet, John, of Holy Cross, Cant.
   Proved 10 Nov., 1420.
Penwortham, Master Henry, Registrar of the Archbishop,
   Rector of Crayford.
   To be burd in the Church of St. Nicholas, Rochester.
   Proved 27 Sept., 1438.
Raynhull, Rob., Vicar of Holy Cross, Cant.
   (Bequests of books.) Proved 29 Apr., 1417.
Rykill, Rose, Widow of Sir Will. Rykill, Knt.
   To be burd in the Chapel of Blessed Mary in Rochester
   Cathedral.  Proved 27 Aug., 1419.
Rye, Roger.
   (20 marks to the repair of the Nave of Stalisfield
   Church.) Proved 2 Dec., 1425.
Savage, Sir Arnold.
   To be burd in the Chapel of St. Mary in the Church of
   Bobbing.   Proved 7 Sept., 1420.
Savage, Katherine, Widow of Sir Arnold S.
   To be burd in the Chancel of Bobbing Church, near the
   grave of her late husband.  Proved 22 Dec., 1436.
Seyntleger, John, of Pluckley, Esquire.
   To be burd in the Chapel of St. Thomas the Martyr in
   Pluckley Church.  Proved 12 Dec., 1441.
Speham, John, of Shoreham, Kent.
   To be burd in the Church of Shoreham. Proved 18 Jan.,

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