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Dartford District Archaeological Group (DDAG)

The Christopher St John Breen Roman Pottery Archive - An aid to identifying sherds from excavations

Pictures of South Gaulish Samian - see Potsherd

Dr29_Samian_Reading_Museum.jpg (101326 bytes) Dr37 SG drawing.jpg (103549 bytes) Dech67 Samian SG.jpg (83093 bytes) Knorr78 Samian SG.jpg (83822 bytes)
Dr 29 Dr 30 Dr 37 Dech 67 Knorr 78
Dr_15-17_SG_ from the side.jpg (50770 bytes) Dr16_from_above.jpg (385887 bytes) Dr18 Samian Cliffe.jpg (67126 bytes) Dr22 Samian AD40-100 Richborough Fort.jpg (94589 bytes)

Dr27 Samian SG drawing.jpg (37415 bytes)

Dr 15/17 Dr 16 Dr 18 Dr 22 Dr 27
Dr33 Samian SG drawing.jpg (37430 bytes) Dr42b Samian SG Rim Flavian.jpg (64886 bytes) Curle 12 Samian SG.jpg (173920 bytes) Ritterling 12 Samian SB Drawing.jpg (45429 bytes)
Dr 33 Dr 42 Curle 11 Ritterling 9 Ritterling 12

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