Aspects of Kentish Local History

Finds from the excavation of Eccles Roman Villa, Kent

Roman Pottery Samian stamps from excavations at Eccles Roman Villa

Alec Detsicas who directed the excavations at Eccles took a great interest in the Samian ware that was found there. Alec was introduced to Samian studies by Eric Birley at Corbridge, eventually becoming a recognised expert in his own right. He became the Secretary of the Study Group for Roman Pottery (SGRP) on its formation and would have met and discussed his Samian with Brian Hartley. Eventually Alec sent information on some fifty-seven stamps to Brian Hartley for the Leeds Archive. Information on the stamps can now be found on the website of Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum website at  There are many books available on samian ware (see Suggested reading) and the excellent website Potsherd by Paul Tyers. For pictures of Samian Ware fabrics visit the Christopher St John Breen Roman Pottery Archive 
  These photographs were taken in March and April 2013. I would prepare the sherds with labels, Thierry would take the pictures and Annie Biot, both  of FRAG would pack them away safely in individual bags with labels see pictures of work

02f Africanus ii 1a.jpg (89683 bytes) Dr_15-17_SG_Stamp_of_Albinus iii.jpg (105265 bytes) 05a Annius ii 6a.jpg (68277 bytes)
Advocisus   2a Africanus ii   1a Albinus iii   4a Albucius i   6h Anninus ii   6a

06a Balbinus 1b.jpg (63400 bytes) 08a Bellus ii 3a.jpg (63481 bytes) 10a Belsa Arvernicus 2a.jpg (40824 bytes)
Balbinus   1b Beliniccus iii   2a Bellus ii   3a Belsa (Arvenicus)?   1a Belsa (Arvenicus)?   3a

11a Borillus i 5b.jpg (51078 bytes) 12a Buccius 1a.jpg (51554 bytes) 14a Buturo 1a.jpg (33482 bytes) 15a Caddironus 1a.jpg (48188 bytes)
Borillus i   5b Buccius   2a Butturrus   2a Buturo   1a Caddiro(nus)?   1a

16a Calendio 4a.jpg (51380 bytes) 17a Cambus i 2a.jpg (48886 bytes) 20a Cintugenus 3a.jpg (44195 bytes)
Caldenio   4a Cambus i   2a Chresimus   4e Chinnamus ii   1a Cintugenus   3a

21a Cobnertus iii 1a.jpg (45193 bytes) 22a Cotto ii 1a.jpg (49144 bytes) 23a Criciro v 4a.jpg (40662 bytes) 24a Diogenes 1a.jpg (70480 bytes)
Cobnertus ii   1a Cotto ii   1a Criciro v   4a Dagmoarus   4c Darra (Darrantus)?   2a

27a Dometos 2a.jpg (50674 bytes) 28a Domitus i 1b.jpg (54711 bytes) 30a Iulianus iii  3b.jpg (56077 bytes)
Diogenes (Diogenus)?   1a Dometos   2a Domitus i   1b Evanus?   2a Iulianus iii  3b

31a L. Cosius Virillis 6c.jpg (46397 bytes) 32a L. Tr- Masculus 11a.jpg (70449 bytes) 34a Lupus iii 2e.jpg (215274 bytes) 35a Magnus ii 4a.jpg (40255 bytes)
L. Cosius Virillis   6c L. Tr-Masculus   11a Lucceius i   1f Lupus iii   2f Magnus ii   4a

36a Malliacus 1a.jpg (44525 bytes) 37a Mattus ii 4a.jpg (63755 bytes) 38a Moxsius v (Mocius) 2a.jpg (59159 bytes) 39a Passenus (Passienus) 5a.jpg (54900 bytes) 43a Pateratus 1a.jpg (44990 bytes)
Malliacus   1a Mattus ii   4a Moxsius v (Mocius)   2a Passenus (Passienus) 5a Pateratus   1a

41a Paullus iv 5a.jpg (53428 bytes) 43a Pisttilus   4.jpg (44630 bytes) 44a Quintus iv 2a.jpg (59545 bytes) 45a Reburrus ii 4c.jpg (52304 bytes)
Paullus iv   5a Peculiaris i   5a Pisttilus   4 Quintus iv   2a Reburrus ii   4c

47a Rufus iv 1a.jpg (47762 bytes) 48a Santianus 1a.jpg (39480 bytes) 49a Saxamus 1b.jpg (54862 bytes) 50a Severus vi 3d.jpg (42284 bytes)
Reginus iv   5d Rufus iv   1a Santianus   1a Saxamus   1b Severus vi   3d

51a Sinturo (Sinturus) 3b.jpg (42440 bytes) 52a Sulpicius 1b.jpg (46703 bytes) 53a Suobendo 2a.jpg (54767 bytes) 54a Surburo 3b.jpg (44461 bytes) 55a Vitalis ii 23b.jpg (41652 bytes)
Sinturo (Sinturus)   3b Sulpicius   1b Suobendo   2a Surburo (Surburus)?   3a Vitalis ii   23b"

Name Marked Vessels

l. Immunius/Immunus MS1-a Modestus i   9b

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