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Victoria County History of Kent Vol. 3  1932

Population of Kent Parish Census 1801 to 1921  - Introduction

Please read first:
   The following table gives the population of the ancient County of Kent, and arranges the parishes, etc under the Lathe, Hundred or sub-division to which they belong. There is some doubt over the accuracy of the make up of the Hundreds etc.. In the main, the table follows the arrangement in the 1841 census volume.
   Finding any particular parish in the table without first knowing the Lathe and then the Hundred can be extremely 

tedious. We have therefore constructed a new listing of  parishes that occur in the table, in alphabetical order, with the page number on which you will find any particular parish.
   So click on the first letter of your parish name below. Scroll down to find your parish name. Note the number that follows, between 358 and 370, then return to this webpage by clicking on the arrow (back button) at the top left-hand corner of your screen. You can then click on the correct page number below to take you to the correct section of the table.

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Introductory Notes (well worth reading)    Pages    356  &  357

358    359    360    361    362    363    364    365    366    367    368    369    370

The exact dates of the censuses are as follows

10 March 1801
27 May    1811
28 May    1821
30 May    1831
 7 June    1841
31 March 1851
8 April 1861
3 April 1871
4 April 1881
  6 April 1891
  1 April 1901
  3 April 1911
20 June 1921


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