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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858   page 4

The Inventory of Juliana De Leyborne, Countess of Huntingdon
from the Surrenden Collection  By L. B. L.

Item, 4 cloths of gold 
Item, 1 cloth of silver and 5 cloths of silk . . . 
                                  The Chapel.
Item, divers vestments, books, and other ornaments
   for my Lady's Chapel
                                  The Chamber.
Item, divers ornaments for my Lady's head
Item, divers my Lady's vestures, with fur, buttons,2
   and other apparel, for my Lady's body 
Item, divers beds, with their furniture 
                                   The Hall
Item, 1 dorser,3 of the work of " Befs de Hampton " 
Item, one dorser with a coster4 of the arms of
Item, one dorser, with a coster of tawny worsted . 
Item, three bankers5 
                               Pantry, Buttery.
Item, one pipe of red wine, value 
Item, table cloths,6 towels, napkins, and other small

£26 13   4
       5   6   8

£1683   6 11

31   0   8

10   8   0

37   5   4
48 16   2

2   0   0

13   6   8
1   6   0
0   5   0

2 13   4

7   7   8

houses. I have met with more than one instance which seems to confirm my conjecture as to this modus operands in effecting religious endowments. It is true that the King did not always, in the first instance, as in the case of Preston, carry out the donors' intentions—some State reasons interfering; but eventually the endowments seem to have reached their destination.
  1 This is incorrectly summed up in the original; it should have been £1683 6s 8d.
2 "Cum furura, botonura et aliis apparatibus."
3 "Dorser," hangings for the walls, at the back, as it were, of the sitter. "Befs de Hampton," i.e. worked with the legend of Bevis de Hampton; probably this was the tapestry at the head of the hall, behind the dais.
4  "Coster," i.e. side hangings or curtains. At the siege of Carlaverock, Sir William de Leyborne, grandfather of Juliana, bore a pennon with " Inde o sis blane lyons rampans," i.e. azure six lions rampant argent, the " arms of Leyborne."
5  "Banker," i.e. the covering of the benches or seats.
6  The original has "mappae mensales, manutergia, sauenappe et alia

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