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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858   page 5

The Inventory of Juliana De Leyborne, Countess of Huntingdon
from the Surrenden Collection  By L. B. L.

Kitchen, Lewder
Item, 30 carcases1 of oxen for my Lady's larder
Item, 2 boars, and 200 hogs, for the same larder
Item, 280 muttons,2 and other sheep, for the same larder
Item, 16 fat bucks3 salted
Item, salmon, melewell,4 stockfish, and other fish
Item, brass and leaden vessels, with other iron utensils

16   0   0
33   0   0
14   0   0
5   0   0
32   0   0
10   3   0
                        Bakery and Brewery
Item, corn and malt5 in the Bakery and Brewery, 
   in gross value
Item, divers utensils in the Bakery and Brewery, value

21   0   0
5   0   0
Item, one horse, value
Item, one horse, value
Item, three horses, value
Item, 10 horses, value

13   6   8
10   0   0
10   0   0
20   0   0
                                 Oats and Say.
Item, 100 quarters of oats for foddering the horses, value
Item, 100 loads6 of hay, value

13   6   8
12 10   0
Item, divers utensils and instruments in the Chamber, Hall,  and "Workshop, with chariots, and carts for the  household, value7
                   Sum total of the house, 2062 12s 8d

 10   0   7
379   5   9

minuta." Savena, Sabanum, SajSavov, "pannus asper abstersorius, scilicet quo homines utuntur in balneis." (Du Cange.) "Savena-nappa," coarse napkins.
   i.e. Salted beef.                            2  "Bestie fere pingues."
   Multons, i.e. salted mutton.      4   Melewell, i.e. salted codfish.
   Frumentum et braseum."            "Carectate," cart-loads.
   7  "In camer., aul., et fabrica, cu. chariotts. et carect. hospic."

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