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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 28

The Clergy of St John the Baptist, Smallhythe by A.H. Taylor

c. 1523. JAMES OLDAM.
   In his will1 dated 1 October 1523 he describes himself as "preste of Smalehithe yn the parishe of Tentreden." The above Robert Idley was one of the executors. The will proved2 at Ashford on November 9th by Sir Richard Raye and others, when the inventory of his goods shows they were valued at 57s. 4d., the Archdeacon's fee being 12d.

c. 1520-1523. SIR RICHARD RAYE.
   Mentioned in a will of 1520 and also by the above James Oldam as Sir Richard Raye, preste.

   In a will of 1523 as Sr Richard Londe, preest of Smalhith, and in an Ad'mon of 1524 as D'ns Rici Lunde, Cap':.

c. 1527-1533. SIR THOMAS CRAYKE.
   In wills of these dates as D'ns Thome Crake Capni and Sr Thomas Crayke, preeste.

c. 1538. JOHN FULLER.
   At a visitation, September 24th, 1538, Cap' D'ns Jo: Fuller.

c. 1547 PETER HALL.
   Witness to wills dated 1546-7. In 1549 he was stated to have performed certain services at smalhith "onely by the licens of the Vicceror Curat of Tenterdyn." He was also Rector of Newenden where he died in 1566.

   At the second visitation of Archdeacon Edmund Cranmer held in 1553, there appeared for Smalehith: Curatus d'ns Thomas Sawkyns, together with Jo: Clache, churchwarden, and Stephen Frod, parishioner.

   At the visitation of Archdeacon Harpsfield, September 2nd, 1557, it is recorded (in Latin)3  "There is a chapel of Smalleth annexed to the same Vicarage (i.e. of Tenterden) Sir James Glathos, a Frenchman, curate there, and to appear on Tuesday after the feast of St. Michael."

c. 1571-73. HENRY STAFFORD.
   Described in the Tenterden register as "Henrie Stafforde, Reader of Smalhith." According to Hasted he became Vicar of New Romney in 1586 and died in 1606.

  Archdeaconry Wills, A. 16, 53.
   Archdeaconry Act Book, 5, fol. 48.
   3  "Est capella de Smalleth eid' annex Vicar' Dus Jacobus Glathos, gallus, curat ibide' and compend die Martis post festu ' Michaelis." (Harpsfield's Visitation, fol. 131).

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