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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 29

The Clergy of St John the Baptist, Smallhythe by A.H. Taylor

c. 1576-1580. ROBERT FOWLE.
   Officiated here for a few years but was presented in 1576 and 1580 on account of uncertainty as to being properly licensed. "We p'sente that one Robert ffowle doth usually read the Comon prayre in the Chappell of Smalled wth in the Libertyes of Tenterden but whether the same Robert be lycensed so to do we knowe not." On September 22nd, 1580 he was summoned to appear in Court but failed to do so and was pronounced contumacious. Sentence was deferred till the feast of St. Andrew next.1

c. 1589-1590. WILLIAM RAYNOLDES.
   He was also presented2 in the following terms: "Wee p'sent Willyam Raynoldes for reading and saying of Comon prayer within the Chappell of Smalhed beeing unlycensed for anye thing wee knowe. Hee saith that his letters of orders is uppon the files in yowr Cowrte." He was summoned three times to appear but failed to do so; penalty reserved. The last entry is dated 5 April 1590 when he was excommunicated in Tenterden Church by George Elye, the Vicar.

c. 1592-1593. WILLIAM RANDALL als BOYDELL.
   Also presented "for that he read service in Smalled chapell this last somer uppon a Sundaye beinge as we have hearde an excoicat person and no mynister." This is dated 14 December 1592, and on February 25th following he, too, was excommunicated by the Vicar of Tenterden.3

 c. 1599-1600. ROGERS.
   "Wee certifie unto this Courte that there hath byn of late a comon reporte that one Mr Rogers hath usuallie read comon prayer in a Chappell at Smalhead wthout aucthoritie in writinge for any thinge that wee knowe." The matter was before the Court November 29th, 1599, and February 26th following.4

c. 1600-1608. HUGH PRICE, M.A.
   B.A. of Oriel Coll: 1597, and M.A. at St edmund Hall,5 Oxon: 1600.
   At the visitation held September 11th, 1607, it is recorded under Tenterden: "Curatus apud Smalhead Cappella annex ad Tenterden, Mr Hugo Price artiu' magr'." The will6 of Alice Parker of Smalehed dated 25 Aug. 1608 was proved 26 January following "coram M'ro Hugone Price, clico, Curato de Smalhed pdict substito sive comissionar in hac p'te Venlis Viro Georgii Newman, legu' d'coris etc." He is also named in wills from 1600.

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