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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 30

The Clergy of St John the Baptist, Smallhythe by A.H. Taylor

c. 1611-1614. THOMAS GREENFEILD.
   He was Curate of Fairfield in 1611 and of Stone in Oxney in 1613. From an undated petition1 it is recorded: "Wee haveing accordeing to or custome chosen Thomas Grenfeild, clarcke, to bee or minister beeing comended to us by Mr Elye Vicar of Tenterden and approved by yor worshipp or ordinarye." The petition bears sundry endorsements ranging from 14 April to 21 July 1614, and it is the first recorded instance of the inhabitants choosing their own minister. About 1614 he became Curate of Lydd and his name appears in the register transcripts of that parish till 1632.

1617-1648. ISAAC WARD, M.A.
   A native of Warwickshire.2 B.A. of Queen's College, Cambridge, 1610; M.A. 1611, and of Oxford, 1614. Presented at the Archdeacon's Court early in 1618 for having served the Cure of Smalhead without licence for which he was admonished and ordered to obtain one under penalty of suspension if he failed.3 He did this and thereafter settled down to his ministry here for a considerable period. He appears to have been well regarded by some of his parishioners and the following extracts from the will4 of Thomas Sinnings dated 27 Feb: 1626-7 may be interesting: "My bodie to be buried in the Chappell of Smalhithe in comelie and decent order ....... to the poore people of Smalhithe one seame of wheate .......... to the Chappell of Smalhithe towardes

the repairinge of the seates & windowes thereof thirty shillinges to be paid to ye Chaplen of Smalhithe to that purpose ............ to Isaak Ward mynister and chaplaine of Smalhithe & unto his sonne Isaac the some of three pounds and tenn shillinges ........ and my mynde & request is that the said Isaac Ward our mynister and Chaplaine doe preach att my funerall ........ " Proved 7 May 1627. Part of the Chaplain's duty was to assist at the Communion Services in Tenterden Church. The churchwarden's accounts there have the following entry under date 11 April 1626: "Item. Given by the consent of the parishe unto Mr Isaack Warde for his attendance & help at the Comunions more then he is tyed to attend as Chaplen of the Chappell of Smalhead for this yere last past ........ xls." This is continued up to the year 1635 when on the appointment of John Gee as Vicar of Tenterden fresh arrangements were made and it was discontinued as shown by this entry dated 30 April 1635: "Md that at ye passinge of this Accompt it is agreed that the xls yerly payd to Mr Warde shall ceasse and be noe more payd." In 1637 further presentments5 were made and thus recorded: "There

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