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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 31

The Clergy of St John the Baptist, Smallhythe by A.H. Taylor

is a Chappell of Ease within our p'ishe called the Chappell of Smalehith wch is very Ruinous and out of repaire, the walls and windows, Roofe and floore decaied, wch Chappell is to be repaired out of certaine lands given to that use and wch lands are of good value & now in the occupacon of Mr Isaack Warde Chaplaine or Curate there, there are likewise certaine messuages or houses belonging to the said Chappell wch are readie to fall downe for want of repair & a Barne belonging to the said Chappell hath been taken downe by the said Mr Ward." This was before the Court on several occasions and on May 14th, 1638, in the Church of St. Margaret, Canterbury, Ward appeared and declared "That the things detected are not p'nted by the Churchwardens or sidemen of the p'ish of Tenterden, but only by Mr John Gee Viccar of the said p'ishe as relacon to the said bill of presentmt being had it may and doth more plainly appeare." Was this an echo of feeling over the termination of Ward's assistance at the Communion services?
    Another item of interest is the following entry in the Tenterden records:1 "Itm. To the Town Clerke for copyinge out of Mr Isaac Ward Chaplyne of Smalhed his order out of his Maties high Court of Chancerye under the Great Seale of E'gland conc'nynge lands belonginge to the said Chapple ....... lii." This is dated 29 August 1641. Unfortunately it is not now among the chapel records. In 1648 Ward was nominated by the Long Parliament to the Rectory of Snargate which he

was holding in 1655 but living in Appledore. He died in 1659.

                            the younger, M.A.
   His appointment is thus recorded:2 "Lycence to serve a Cure. Nathaniel Collington the younger, clerke, being nominated and appointed by the Inhabitants of Small-Hyth in the County of Kent, and being approved by Mr Nathaniel Collington the elder, Vicar of Tenterden (unto which said Vicaridge the Chappell of Small Hyth doth belong) to serve the Cure of the Chappell of Small Hyth, peticons His Grace for a Lycence to serve the Cure of the said Chappell. The person being approved, a Fiat passed upon his peticon, 15 February 1667-8." Four days later he was duly licensed and also to preach in various churches in the Diocese of Canterbury having taken the usual oaths, etc. He was collated by Archbishop Sheldon to the rectory of Pluckley3 February 24th, 1676-7, and held that living until his decease at the age of 93 in 1735.

  Account of Thomas Baytopp, Chamberlain of Tenterden Corporation, 1641.
   Lambeth Act Book, II, p. 117. Kindly communicated by Dr. Irene J. Churchill, Lambeth Palace Library.
   See Arch. Cant., XXII, 92. At this reference, however, it should be noted that there were two clergymen bearing the name of Nathaniel Collington --- the elder, Vicar of Tenterden, 1662-1682 --- and his son, who became Rector of Pluckley.

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