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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 32

The Clergy of St John the Baptist, Smallhythe by A.H. Taylor

   A native of Tenterden where he was baptized January 9th, 1643-4. Deacon in 1667, Priest 1668. Master of the Free School in Tenterden 1666 till 1674. A certificate1 from the neighbouring clergy is still preserved, it reads: "Tenterden, October 14th 1671. These are to certifie that Stephen Haffenden, clarke & schoolmaster Licensed, is a person who hath alwayes been Orthodox in Doctrine, Conformable in Discipline to ye Church of England, Loyall and Constant in his affection, industrious in his calling, honest & unblameable in his conversation and one whom we esteeme very worthy of preferment in the Church. Witnesse our hands: Mos: Lee,2 Rector de Biddenden; ffrancis Drayton, Rector de Wittersham; Thomas Risden, Vicar de Ashford; John Brumskill, Rectr de Warehorne."
   And in the same collection of papers3 is the following:
   "Tenterden, October 17th 1671. I, Nathaniel Collington, clark, Vicar of Tenterden .... doe nominate and humbly present to ye Most Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Archbishop of Cant:, Stephen Haffenden, clark, a man of abilities and every way qualified sufficiently for the service of the Cure of Smalhith. And this I affirme under my hands. Nat: Collington, Vicar of Tenterden.
   Octob: 19, 1671. Approbatu, Simon Lowth."
   How often he officiated at Smallhythe can only be surmised, the fact is that before the year was ended he went to Egerton where he remained until his decease in

the early part of 1715 although retaining Smallhythe the whole time. At the Archdeacon's visitation held in Ashford Church April 7th, 1685, he is named as the curate and the question was raised: "in what repaire ye church is in" to which it was answered "that the chappell is in good repaire & that there are trustees to looke after it."
   During Haffendon's non-residence Smallhythe was served by a succession of curates of whom the first was WILLIAM HORNER who was officiating in the summer of 1669 and his status being considered uncertain he was cited at the Archdeacon's visitation, April 13th, 1670, to show by what right he served the cure and for how long he had officiated there; "the sd Mr Horner answeared for about a yeare ....... that he hath noe license soe to officiate there as Curate but hee ys episcopally ordained." He was ordered not to officiate in the said Chappell of Smallhith or in any other church or chappell ...... until he be lawfully licensed.4 Notwithstanding this it was reported, February 28th, 1671-2, "that hee did officiate at Small hithe Chappell on Sunday the 7th and on Sunday ye 14th of January last and preach there on the sd dayes ag't the consent of Mr Stephen Haffenden" with

  Original document. Archdeaconry Records, Chapter Library.
   Moses Lee, Rector of Biddenden, 1660-1681.
   Original document. Archdeaconry Records, Chapter Library.
   Comperta et Detecta, 1667-1687, fol. 33, 60.

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