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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 72

Green Court, Canterbury Cathedral Precincts
THE digging of an air raid shelter in the Green Court has brought to light many fragments of pottery and tiles of both Roman and medieval origin. No foundations were met with and the site seems to have been much disturbed and used as a dump for waste materials of all kinds. A number of small pieces of Roman Samian have been picked up, the majority displaying first century characteristics; one piece of decorated ware, in particular, has a bifid tendril binding, which is notably pre-Flavian. Several unusual flints were also noticed, but it has been ascertained that their present position is due to a re-arrangement of the King's School Museum and that they are of North American origin.

   At the Eastern end of the Court and approximately in its centre, a medieval well has been revealed, 120 feet from the Deanery. It is of dressed stonework and five feet in diameter. The top had been domed over with brickwork and the well is filled with earth to within six feet of the present ground level.

The Norman Castle
   In digging round the foundations of the Edwardian gatehouse, an account of which appeared in Arch. Cant., LIII, 143, fragments of Roman pottery and of bone were noticed and also a layer of very dark earth containing charcoal, about two feet below the present ground level.
                                      GRAHAM WEBSTER


The Early 18th Century Dispute over the Pilots Gallery in St Leonard's, Deal

IN Vol. XLIX (1937) of A.C. appeared a paper on St. Leonards which included two documents dated June 26th and November 5th, 1709. These gave two stages in the dispute over the rights of the Pilots to the exclusive use of this gallery. The following document gives an earlier stage in the trouble, clearly one of long standing.

(In another hand)   {Article of Agreemt made between
 This was refus'd    {the Rector [and] Churchwardens of
  by ye Rector &   {Deale in behalf of the Parish And the
 Church Wardens  {Wardens of the ffellow-ship of pilots
                               in behalf of their Brethren.

   Memorandum. On the second day of ffebruary Anno Dom: 1709: And in 8th year of the Reign of or Sovn Lady Anne by the Grace of God Queen of Great Britain &c. It was agreed Between Henry Gerard Rector of the Parish Church and Parish of Deale in the County of Kent And John Dooris [Davie] & Nathaniel Child Churchwardens of the said

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