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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 55 - 1942  page 73

parish and parish church of the one part And John Pye Thomas Brothers Edward Hasselwood Wm Mumbrey & John Wootton Wardens of the ffellowship or Society of pilots of Deale aforesd of the other part in manner following Vizt
   Whereas some difference and Controversye hath lately happened concerning the sitting or placing of people in the Gallery erected in the parish Church of Deale that is called the pilots gallery and concerning the propriety of the same. Now Therefore that a final stop may be put to all controversy and disagreemt and that a lasting unity love & Christian concord may be continued between the said ffellowship of pilots and the rest of the parishioners of Deale aforesaid.
   It is fully concluded and agreed upon by and between all the before named parties in manner and form following (That is to say)
   First That the sd Gallery called the pilots Gallery be forthwith taken down and new Erected.
   Secondly. That the three formost seats be allways acknowledged to belong to the pilots and their heirs & successors for ever And that they may put on Locks & Keys on their Doors and use such security as they shall 

think fit.
   Thirdly. That the other hindmost seats of such new ordered Gallery shall allways belong to the Disposal of the Church Wardens and parishioners of the sd parish for ever.
  Fourthly. It is agreed between all the before named parties that in Remembrance of this Conclusion and Agreement made by the parties in Composing the Differences aforesaid An Anniversary Sermon be preached Yearly on Candlemas day at the parish Church aforesaid by the Rector for the time being or his Deputy concerning Love Unity Charity & Brotherly Agreement which is the Ornament as well as Duty of Christians. For which Sermon the Rector shall be paid Twenty Shillings by the Wardens of the pilots.
   And lastly it is Agreed. That at the end of every such Sermon this prsent Agreement shall in the Vestry of the sd Church be read over to all parishioners that shall be present in order to perpetuate the remembrance hereof. In Witnesse whereof all the parties above named have hereunto set their hands and seals the day & year first above written. (Note in another hand) This was never signed.
                                           W.P.D. STEBBING.


"The Star Inn", Canterbury

THE drawing of the Star Inn, in St. Dunstan's Street, made December 2nd, 1847, speaks of the inn as "about to be destroyed." This was apparently true of the rear of

the building, but the gabled front, supported by carved brackets, is still standing, though much modernized. It faces the opening of Station Road West, and suffered

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