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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 58  1945  page 40

Recent discoveries in the Archives of Canterbury Cathedral. Notes on the Monks and Priory Buildings Mentioned by Dorothy Gardiner

The Assisae of 1252, ETC.
   William de Winchester (probably to be identified with William de Wynton in the Canterbury Profession List) died in 1288. Henry is no doubt the "Dominus H. Sturei" who still held office in 1253, the "Henry Stordy" of the List.1 William and Henry were companion-monks of Turgitius de Ostede, Carpentarius in 1254 jointly with Dominus Ricardus --- the last named may have been Richard de Wynchepe, sometimes Sacrist, who became Prior of Dover in 1268.2

Accounts of 1317-1341.
   The Treasurer of the Monastery in 1317/18 who paid the wages of Simon the Glazier, was Alanus Oysell, professed in 1289.3 Two and sometimes three monks were of the Treasury annually and arranged the payment of wages; hence the entry "per Thesaurarios" which occurs in 1334.

The Earthquake of 1382.
   John of Goodnyston (1349-1397), Sub-Prior,4 had charge of repairs after the earthquake, including the iron screen of the organ. The rebuilding of the north side of the Infirmary Chapel presumably included the nave only, for the north window of the Chancel still exists, and is a fine specimen of Kentish tracery of the same period as the great window of St. Anselm's Chapel, built in 1336. The Cloister wall was damaged on the eastern range from the door of the Chapter House to the door of the crypt beneath the Dormitory, then as now marked by a fine Norman arch and columns. The new roof, lead-covered, beyond the Martyrdom may have been that of the building extending into the Slype. The restored Malt-hall and Mill were both at the Barton.

Prior's Account of 1411 and Prior's Livery Lists.
   To Mr. Blore's interesting notes it may be added that Thomas Rudham appears among the Freemen of Canterbury by virtue of his marriage in 1401 to Joan atte Wade, a waxchandler's daughter.

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