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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 58  1945  page 41

Recent discoveries in the Archives of Canterbury Cathedral. Notes on the Monks and Priory Buildings Mentioned by Dorothy Gardiner

The name of a William Lane appears on the List of Monks professed 1443, and a John Pyrye, professed in 14355 and died in 1449, may perhaps be identified with the Surveyor and Clerk of 1398. Profession after active life was over for declining years was not uncommon. There was a family of the name of Pyrye in the city: Robert Pyrye, waxchandler, became free in 1414.
   One John Wulward occurs among the entrants to West Gate Ward in 1398, the year his namesake appears among the Prior's Armigeri, but the entrant is described as a barber.

Account Roll of 1436.
   Archbishop Chichele (1414-1443) built a new library above the Prior's Chapel, and to it this entry must refer. It was burnt, with numerous priceless books and manuscripts, two years before the Suppression.6

Lease of 1446.
   Robert Colbroke, Sacrist, died August 29, 1447, and Stone's Chronicle records his burial by the Prior, after Archbishop Stafford had celebrated the Mass of Requiem.7  Henry Chesman, mercer, to whom he leased a garden within the Cemetery, and Thomas Smythe of St. Sepulchre's, the former lessee, were both free of the city.

   Can the fact that the Masons' house called Le Loygge was situated in this quarter of the Precincts be associated with a tradition that in Saxon times a church of the Quatuor Coronati (the four martyred masons of Rome) stood there?8

Account Roll of 1453/4.
   John Pyle, described as a glass-wright, was for long a resident in Canterbury. He came into Northgate Ward in 1438, moved into Westgate Ward, and is last heard of there in 1454-5.9

Account Roll of 1455/6.
   Many members of the Mayhew family resided in Canterbury at this time, but the only John on record (1426-7) is described as a chandler. Robert Haryngton, however, as a brazier, may be identified among the entrants to Northgate in 1458-9; he remained till 1470.10 

Account Roll of 1472/3.
   Thomas Goldstone I was buried in the Lady Chapel in 1468. The inscription on his gravestone had disappeared in Dart's time and the graves of John Oxney (Prior 1468-71) and of William Petham (August

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