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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 78

Hackington, or St Stephen'sí, Canterbury. Collar of SS. 
By Edward Foss, F.S.A.

caster," in the last of the above items, must refer to him, and not to his son Henry, then long, because the latter had been in exile ever since his father's death. 
   Allowing then, as these extracts seem to prove, that the letter S was of the livery of the Duke of Lancaster, and looking at the practice of the time, it seems at first sight more probable that an emblem or badge of honour, adopted by any individual, would be expressive of some sentiment or connected with some armorial bearing, rather than the mere designation of an office.
   Thus, in the same Inventory, we find the collar of the King of France, with the emblem of the broom-cod (cosses de geneste);1 the collar of Richard's first queen, Anne, with branches of rosemary;2 the livery of the Duke of York, bearing links, or fetterlocks, and falcons; 3 and two collars, unnamed of whom, embroidered with the word " plesance."4 On several other articles in this Inventory we find initials inscribed. There are twenty-six " quiller d'argent," marked with the letter P; 5 also two little silver cruets, gilt and enamelled at the top, with the letters A and U;6 also two letters of C, each with three "troches," each "troche" with four pearls, and in each letter one little sapphire:7 but all these are probably the initials of names. Two instances also occur in the same document of the use of the letter S, without any apparent connection with the House of Lancaster. These areó
   " Item, un salet d'argent ennorer en manere d'un faucon coronez et entour le cole lettres de S steant sur un terage plein de lyons, cerfs, et autres diverses bestes."8 
   " Item, 1 autre seynture d'or, le tissu noir garnis ove roses blankes et ove R et S, et petitz sonatz."9
   That King Richard on some occasions wore the collar
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