Aspects of Kentish Local History

Lenham Archaeological Society (LAS) 2002 to 2017

The Lenham Archaeological Group was formed in 2002 to carry out research and excavation in the Lenham Area.
   Over the years members carried out a number excavations and some of the discoveries were published in three journal editions 2006, 2008 and 2011 of "Discovering Ancient Lenham " These are still on sale in Lenham Library.

All this information has been collated to publish all the findings of Lenham Archaeological Society over the years 2002–2017. Thanks must be credited to all the keen and hardworking ‘amateur’ archaeologists whom took part in all the digs over the years and found out so much of Lenham’s past.
   I have tried to interpret the archaeology as best as I am able. Some of my conclusions may not be correct but no doubt people in the future will find out more in archaeological digs.
   Lenham may eventually prove to be the centre of the Late Iron Age Aylesford-Swarling culture, for it is the geographical centre of the County and recent findings on the Downs above it are exceptional. See Joan Allen link :-
   Now no more excavations will be carried out, the Society has changed to a Heritage Society as there is no longer anyone to lead digs. (So there is no LAS to join, but to find out more about Heritage in Lenham follow their web site at

Lesley Feakes

The list of sites described here are :-

  1. Watching brief St Mary Church Extension, Lenham 2012

  2. Excavation at rear of former NatWest Bank, Ashford,
          Lenham, now Thorneloes Solicitors 2017

  3. Survey of Community Centre site, Old Ashford Rd,
        Lenham 2001

  4.  Groom Way Roman ditch, Lenham 2014

  5. East Lenham Farmhouse. Tudor Mansion in the moat

  6. Royton - Mount Castle Late Iron Age site, East Lenham
            Part 1     Part 2

  7a. Lenham Court …dig on the front lawn
  7b. Lenham Court history

  8. Wheatgratten Field crop mark feature

  9. Stumbles Field, East Lenham banks and ditches

10. Boardfield Church site, near Otterden

11. Sutton Field tanyards and mills

12. Lenham Forstal Field/ Field walk

13. Snagbrook, Hollingbourne, three Roman buildings

14. Snarkhurst LIA site CTRL extra findings at Junct 8/M20

Map Lenham sites mentioned above

Members of the Lenham Archaeological Society starting a new trench

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